This ride would take place in the old millionaire building,and would use an improved version of mr toads wild ride technology.lets get on to the experience
Queue:the queue would look like a sound stage.there would be movie posters along the wallsoutside of the building you would see sign saying now filming bolt.after that you walk into a prop house where the film maker from bolt says you will be taking a tour of the studio.after that you board your vehicles

Ride:you board your vehicle made to look like a golf cart(like the ones you see in backlots)you then go through a door into bolts sound can see bolt about to fight his Nemesis they end filming. With penny getting kidnapped.bolt actually thinks penny is missing and accidentally presses the gas on your and bolt start zooming through the backcloths crashing through walls into various movies like 2000leagues under the sea,captain America,nary Poppins etc.the ride ends with the studio manager apologizing for the inconvenience.
Hows my idea

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