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    Re: what would you like to see replace a bugs land

    Quote Originally Posted by imaginashton View Post
    To all pol who like a bugs land

    I like bugs land too but it doesn't really fit the CA theme.yes its enjoyed by children but that is what should be avoided. We need rides and attractions that the whole family can enjoy.
    According to your definition of a "family ride". But it isn't about personal definitions. It isn't about YOU. In this case, Disney had it right.
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    Re: what would you like to see replace a bugs land

    Something very unique to DCA and won't be repeated.

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    Re: what would you like to see replace a bugs land

    I don't mind Bug's Land. My grands get a kick out of it. I'd speed up the bumper cars and put a loop in Chew Chew Train, though.

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    Re: what would you like to see replace a bugs land

    Quote Originally Posted by Crazy Larry View Post
    Question. When Carsland opens, will there be a clash of themes between Mater's Junkyard Jamboree and It's Tough to be a Bug area?
    Good question. Having walked through the backstage construction area, and having also seen the detailed conceptual plans, it looks to me like the answer is no. Imagineers have done a pretty good design getting the two to compliment, at least in the plans. As always, the final product may differ, but if it's anythign like what's planned, I think it will be more than fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poisonedapples View Post
    DCA is edgier, i must be the only one that thinks this way.
    You're not the only one who thinks that way, but you might be the only one who is okay with it. Among the biggest complaints about the ride offerings at DCA is that DCA's edginess resulted in a lack of rides for specific age groups. The biggest lack was in the B type attractions for younger children. A Bug's land filled that niche (in fact, the rides which currently exist in ABL were specifically chosen by park guests during its inception). The second biggest lack was the lack of C type attractions. Toy Story Mania and Little Mermaid have helped to fill that gap as well.

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