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    Temporary DCA Entrance?

    Hey all, DM here again. So when I go to DCA every time since the new entrances opened, they've been talking about the temporary entrance thru the backstage area of Soarin' about to happen soon. When is that going to open?
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    Re: Temporary DCA Entrance?

    I'm gonna say towards the end of the month when the stores on the other side of Sunshine Plaza close and they begin full construction on BVS. I believe the date for that is August 28th but who knows, it may be sooner. MintCrocodile posted on Twitter yesterday that they were playing a new loop of BGM in the soon to be temporary entrance into DCA.
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    Re: Temporary DCA Entrance?

    The day is August 29th. The old entrance will be closed the evening of the 28th.

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    Re: Temporary DCA Entrance?

    yep at the end of this month. So pretty soon! What will happen is you will still enter the gates, but you will wind through the back of soarin and come out between soarin and GCH and that will be the makeshift entrance, if you have gone to DCA in the last week or so you will see that they have already put up a light bar that will help guests know where to go and maybe this will ease some of the congestion of the foot traffic.I am sure that this light bar will have some sort of electronic signaling feature like green for go or arrows to point in directions for those that have never been to the park and don't know where to go.

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