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    Question TL Paint Update?

    Just curious if anyone has any updated pics of TL. How has the PM track paint come along and any difference with Innovention tarps and the rest of the land....

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    Was just there last night, but I don't have any pics.

    However, the sculpted "crome" paneling on the side of Star Tours that faces Main Street is now behind scaffolding (hope they paint it silver again!), and the PM track is slowly coming along in a brilliant white, silver, and blue. Tomorrowland breathes of life once again!

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    I was also there last night and Innoventions is covered and being painted by HUGE areas still remain unpainted. It looks like a damn patchwork quilt.The are immediatly surrounding Buzz is painted (which is an obvious choice) but they have a lot more to do. I like the blue and white scheme but its so weird against the copers and rusty red color still plainted everywhere.

    I defintly believe that the rocks in the entrance need to be painted hopefully like Ice Crystals. They look horriable against the new color scheme. On another TL post there was a debate over the neon light spires errected in front of Buzz and opposite the older spire in front of Star Tours...

    Having seen them at night, I agree, they look awful and the color they throw off on to the surrounding building makes it look horrid. Keep them if you will, but remove the pinks and oranges and replace them with whites and blues.

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    I'll have a fresh batch of pictures uploaded after the weekend.

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    just tear out those space rocks at TL's entrance.
    Can't wait to see how the very run down looking cover over the TL Terrace patio and the Buzz Stage will look after its paint job. Also, will TL Terrace get a new menu now that the Buzz theme is going away?
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