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    Specifics of Mickey's Halloween Party Costume Restrictions

    Hello hello everyone! I've been MIA forever now ever since I got a job x_x

    I just had oooonneee quick question:

    Is there a restriction on BLOOD on a costume? I realize that would fall under a "violent" category but I don't mean overly gorey (i'm not that much of a nonce to try & get away with that at D-land lol) I mean just kinda like maybe a little blood splatter here & there? Has anyone ever tried (or seen?) anyone around the parks like that?

    I have plenty of back up costumes but I still kinda wanted to know if any of you lot had some insight. Thanks!

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    Re: Specifics of Mickey's Halloween Party Costume Restrictions

    I think the restrictions are purposefully slightly vague to allow people to make judgment calls on an as-needed basis. That being said, I don't think you're getting away with any blood splatters.

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    Re: Specifics of Mickey's Halloween Party Costume Restrictions

    Here you go, I got this from my disneyland account for mickey's halloween party. Hope this helps!

    All event attendees — including adults — may dress in their favorite Halloween costume and must follow these and other guidelines:
    • Costumes should be child-friendly and may not be obstructive, offensive or violent.
    • Guests may wear masks. However, masks must not obstruct vision and eyes must be visible at all times.
    • Guests that dress like Disney Characters may not pose for pictures or sign autographs for other Guests.
    • Costumes should not drag on the ground.
    • Costumes should not contain sharp objects, pointed objects or materials that may accidentally strike another Guest.
    • Costumes should not contain any weapons which resemble or could easily be mistaken for an actual weapon.
    • Guests of all ages may only wear costumes to the Mickey's Halloween Party event and during the designated hours prior to the scheduled event for which they have valid tickets. During normal Park operating hours, costumes are only permitted for Guests ages 9 and younger.
    Guests that do not adhere to these guidelines may be refused entry into the event unless their costume can be modified to meet the above standards.

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    Re: Specifics of Mickey's Halloween Party Costume Restrictions

    ^That's probably the best answer you will get along with the "use your judgement"

    We went a couple of years ago and I don't remember seeing anyone with blood on their costumes. I would guess not.
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    Re: Specifics of Mickey's Halloween Party Costume Restrictions

    Blood is a no no. Saw a "zombie" with blood around the ears and a cm stopped him and asked him to wipe it away.

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