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    Cool Idea for fireworks ending!

    Ok so after the fireworks have gone off, and the lights on Main St. turn on so we cna see the snow... instead of playing "Im dreaming of a white Chrsitmas" They play "Whats this?".... I think it would be fun and very interesting true not your traditional Christmas feeling. Still would be cool for the Resort to do. Even if it were just once.

    Anyone else agree?

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    Re: Idea for fireworks ending!

    I would be all for it if they played it only in the New Orleans Square area by the Mansion if they did the snowfall in that part of the park. But it would out of place to hear "What's This?" on Main Street or by Small World

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    Re: Idea for fireworks ending!

    Also, the snow falls so majestically with that song... It would seem out of place with whats this..

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    Re: Idea for fireworks ending!

    I appreciate Nightmare Before Christmas and all that for the mansion overlay, but I'd leave it at that and keep the snowfall the way it is. The song they use currently, while not exactly suiting my taste, is more 'magical' than the intentionally non-traditional song What's This.

    It's a good thought, nevertheless. I'm with what mastergracey says if it were used.

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