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    Collection of TV shows on Disneyland

    On the rare occasion that they show Disneyland on television, I record it and post it on youtube. I put them together in a playlist. This should keep you busy for a while!

    <a href=";list=PLF278C51C5ECACF31&am p;featur e=plpp" target="_blank">

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    Re: Collection of TV shows on Disneyland

    Awesome. I remember there used to be the 'Vault Disney' series on the Disney Channel that was on late at night and they would often show the old Disneyland tv shows with Walt talking about the park as it was being built, or Disneyland After Dark where Walt gave us a tour of the park at night time. Wish they'd bring that stuff back!

    Nice collection! Thanks!
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    Re: Collection of TV shows on Disneyland

    That makes the time just fly. A big thanks for the post this is great!!!

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