View Poll Results: Which tunnel do you use in and out of Disneyland?

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  • Left tunnel entering

    50 59.52%
  • Left tunnel leaving

    55 65.48%
  • Right tunnel entering

    38 45.24%
  • Right tunnel leaving

    25 29.76%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malibu Minion
    I enter through the right tunnel and exit through the left tunnel
    Exactly. The only way to go.

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    I go through the one with the least amount of people in my way.

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    I always enter on the left because everyone I go with always has to use the bathroom. (We prefer the bathrooms by City Hall as opposed to the Bank) lol

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    Oh gosh.

    I almost always enter the left tunnel because that's the side the trams from Mickey and Friends come to. We leave through whichever, though. I actually had to go in through the right tunnel as a concious decision because I'd never been.

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