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    Currently planning our trip to DL in November

    The plan was to go on Thursday 11/10, Monday 11/14 and Tuesday 11/15. The thing I didn't realize though was that Veteran's Day is on the 11th (Friday). I've been reading lots of old posts that are saying Veteran's Day weekend is insane, but I'm wondering if the Thursday before, and the two days after would be any better? Or would it be better to go the 16th-18th? Thanks for your input!

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    Re: Currently planning our trip to DL in November

    The past couple years Veterans day holidays have been a tad hectic. But I know last year during the Veterans holiday it also kicked off the Holiday season and it was the first day of that happening so it was insane. This year it starts on November 14th and runs till January 8th. So I think you maybe safe for the 10th but at the same time the 11th is on a friday this year and some people tack on an extra day. So it could go either way. When the calendar hours come out for your dates, that gives you a good indication of crowds. If they close early their expecting minimal if their open late then their expecting big crowds.

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    Re: Currently planning our trip to DL in November

    Like 1Disneylandfan said
    it's the kick off to the holidays
    You'll find (at least in the past) that when it's a kick off weekend
    it brings people out.
    Veteran's weekend prob. doesn't help either.

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    The holiday season transforms the entire Disneyland Resort into a winter wonderland. Hundreds of thousands of lights glisten in the night, fireworks burst to the sounds of the season and favorite characters don their most festive apparel. Visit when the magic shines brightest!
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