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I personally think the space could be used for better things. You can now have a game system at home, a hand held game system (Ninteno etc) or your phone now offers games.
Once they closed the second level, the area went down hill (in my opinion).
Tomorrowland really needs some major TLC. If that TLC included the arcade not returning, I think it would be a positive for the park.
The arcade is a dying breed, limited now to kids places like Chuck E Cheese, which frown upon non-kids just waltzing in to game, and Dave & Busters, which requires parental supervision and is more of a bar than arcade. The best we have left is probably a few super arcades like gameworks, but they are far and few between. In order to move flynn's arcade after electronica shuts down, the whole area there would have to be remodeled. I would certainly like to see all the arcade machines they have in flynn's now moved to the starcade, justifying the reopening of the second level, but thinking about it, I'm not sure an old 80's arcade fits the "tomorrow"land theme very well.