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    specific advice re: firworks 12/15.

    i will be arriving at the dlr next thursday with my whole family. this includes my two nieces (ages 7 and 3).

    i'd really like to have the best seats possible for the fireworks (should the wind cooperate) that first night. so, here's my question and i don't mind waiting.

    what time should i be plopping myself down in the hub? (fireworks are at 7:45 that night.) where is the best place that lends itself to:

    a) allowing for my nieces to actually be able to see fireworks and castle effects no matter if people stand up or not.

    b) making it easy for us to have a long sit down/waiting period with minimal steppings on and annoyance of those people traveling through the hub.

    what time do they rope of the area and treat it as solely a seating area?

    any other pointers?

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    Re: specific advice re: firworks 12/15.

    There are not many places at Disneyland with out people getting in your way, if you plan on standing around the Fantasmic! show, Dont! unless you want to have around a thousand people pushing up on you. I would have to say one of the best spots would be just around the castle, the problem with it is that there are many trees there. If this is your fist time going to Disneyland I recomend you also seeing Fantasmic but beware of the people around the area! There is one other spot to view the fireworks but it is outside of the park, It is at the front gate on the grassy area at Downtown Disney by the Rainforest Cafe and ESPN zone. Enjoy your stay at Disneyland Resort!

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