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    Re: California or Florida for First Time?

    As stated, these forums are heavily Disneyland biased.

    Walt Disney World provides a better "vacation" experience, especially if you are looking to just get lost in Disney and not do other things. More options, more to do, and cheaper if you plan to stay on property. I would wait and do the Disneyland resort once California Adventure has finished its construction next year.

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    Re: California or Florida for First Time?

    I really think it depends on the type of vacation you want. I've never considered Disneyland Resort to be more than a 3 day excursion. Aside from Disneyland, there is also Universal Studios Hollywood, Knott's Berry Farm and a number of smaller attractions or further away attractions (like SeaWorld, Legoland, Zoos, etc).

    If your vacation is longer than 4 or 5 days, you might get more out of Orlando. Plus, Universal Studios Orlando is a MUST SEE resort and really shows off what ex-Imagineers are capable of and why Disney should never have fired them all to begin with.

    You might even consider staying 2 or 3 nights at Universal to take advantage of early entry and front of line passes. Then move over to Disney for the rest of your trip.

    You should probably make the decision based on the length of your vacation and the side attractions you'd want to visit.

    Good luck, can't want to hear what you decide!

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    Re: California or Florida for First Time?

    Go in chronological order.
    Disneyland first, WDW second, then eventually Tokyo Disneyland followed by Paris Disneyland then Hong Kong.

    Now that I think about it. That would be one crazy trip to do all that in one vacation. The ultimate Disneyland vacation.
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    Re: California or Florida for First Time?

    lol.. southern california was experience there first major heat wave of the year, but now its back to normal.. you can expect highs to be between 75-85 year around in anaheim.. unlike wdw that is constant with highs in the 90s with huminty in the 80s not fun and it takes a toll on kids i should know lol. go to dl forsure.
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    Bob you forgot major traffic for no reason lol

    Id say WDW, theres so much to do and see there compared to DL, and right now you wont run into any 105 degree days like you will in CA lol. Sorry but that was brutal lol

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    Re: California or Florida for First Time?

    I definitely say Disneyland. If I ever have any more grandchildren, I will definitely take them to Disneyland before Disney World. Disneyland is more compact, and there's so much to do. I am amazed at how many people feel that Disneyland is just a three day experience. I can easily see planning a much longer trip than that. With little ones, Disneyland provides a very relaxing atmosphere filled with so many new and exciting things for kids to explore.

    Besides that, the weather is almost always nicer in California.
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