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    Lightbulb New Tomorrowland Bullet Points

    I came up with this "New Tomorrowland" outline in another thread, but I felt it would be best suited to create a new thread. So, here ya go!


    Tomorrowland Plans:
    • Gut "Captain EO" theatre
    • Strengthen and enhance supports of roof
    • Enhance Space Mountain's queue so entire upper section can be utilized
    • Condense and shift Innoventions "attractions" to former "Captain EO" theatre
    • Demolish former Innoventions building
    • Insert time travel attraction in former Innoventions pad
    • Move Starcade to Downtown Disney
    • Make former Starcade pad new official entrance to Space Mountain
    • Enhance food and theme of Pizza Port with possible upscale dining on possible upper level with immersiveness of new time travel attraction (think Blue Bayou)
    • Alter Autopia's theme to include aliens, new transportation vehicles and music
    • Re-zone Nemo to Fantasyland or create new sub-land for both Nemo and Matterhorn called Explorer's Port or something to that degree
    • Enhance Astro Blasters to include more than simple 2D flats (save Zurg)
    • Change PeopleMover tracks to new "SkyTubes"
    • Relocate the jets to the top of the new "SkyTubes" platform or atop the new time travel attraction stated above
    • Create new contemporary-futuristic entrance to Tomorrowland complete with effects to be used during parades and fireworks
    • Create futuristic "hieroglyphs" in the pavement of Tomorrowland with a possible slight connection to "Atlantis"
    • Tie train station into new time travel attraction so "older locomotives" "make sense" in Tomorrowland
    • Keep Monorail as is
    • Create rumored "arcade" connecting Main Street, U.S.A. to Tomorrowland
    • New Tomorrowland Grand Opening Ceremony
    • Serve immersive and enjoy

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    Re: New Tomorrowland Bullet Points

    Intresting Points but rather see a guttering on a scale of the '60's renovation.

    I think tomorrow land needs to be green, roof gardens etc.

    (PS rather see Jolly Holiday/Plaza Pavilion. Demolished and the exit of the arcade there.)

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    Re: New Tomorrowland Bullet Points

    I like your ideas but it's hard to visualize it all in one image. I'm definitely in favor of making the whole area from the sub lagoon north to it's a small world into a new land with an oceanic theme and several new attractions. Monorail and Peoplemover tracks could stay but Autopia should be moved to Carsland (and Autopia should have electric cars). And then let Tomorrowland be a "city of the future" with several new attractions and a master-planned design, with solar panels on the rooftops and the land should run on solar power as much as possible. There should be several new attractions including one based on WALL-E and your time travel attraction, and a new version of Adventure thru Inner Space with a slow portion and an optional thrill portion, tucked in somewhere. Star Tours really should be moved out of there and put in the new 3rd park when that is built. The Star Wars films take place in the past. All the Toy Story stuff should be located in one area, so BLAB should be evicted from its current location. The Pizza Port should have kept the Mission to Mars structure, you order your pizza at Mission Control and then sit in the rocket theater and watch the flight films while you eat your pizza. I'm a little hesitant to agree with demolishing the Innoventions building - if a good enough theater-type show could be devised, they should keep the rotating theater. I like your hieroglyphs idea very much.

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    Re: New Tomorrowland Bullet Points

    60% are viable - no prohibitive reason it couldn't be done if they got support
    10% are possible - good chance of getting done
    10% pretty*much*definite*- would only NOT happen due to neglect
    20% not an option - just not feasible and will probably never happen

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    Re: New Tomorrowland Bullet Points

    Ok........ another TL imagineering thread.........

    AO are removed from TL entrance to enhance pedestrian traffic...........

    AO goes back on top of a completely rebuilt central pillar in TL. The elevation of the ride, despite the limited ridership adds a "kinetic" motion in the air above TL...........

    Starcade/HISTA/EO gets demolished, Pizza Port too.......... AND Innoventions............

    SM regains it's "speed-ramp" as an entrance, they can use the interior lines to absorb some of the overflow......

    I would keep the Star Trader as a Star Wars themed retail outlet as well as the exit from Star Tours.

    Hence......... the fences stretch from Star Trader across the South side of TL to Innoventions. Star Tours, Star Trader and Space Mtn remain open while something original goes into the Starcade/Eo/HISTA/Pizza Port/Innoventions area.........

    Pizza Port moves to Starcade area, areas East and including HISTA/Eo/PP/Innoventions go behind walls........

    Thus is Phase I, depending on when you relocate AO back to the middle of TL, you could do it before, or after the Starcade/Hista/Eo/PP/Innoventions refurbishment........ Maybe you move the AO back on top of the PM Structure after the Southern refurbishment of TL........

    I won't even suggest WHAT should go in the space vacated by HISTA/Eo/PP/Innoventions...... but I assume Pizza Port moves West to the space currently occupied by Starcade/Restrooms.............

    But it's time for a new TL! It's time for NEW attractions........ NOT franchises, NOT clones...........

    DL was THE original, I want some original ideas for a new TL!

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    Re: New Tomorrowland Bullet Points

    Agree with creating a new time travel attraction concept. I disagree with what you said about FNSV being rezoned. I believe it needs to be totally re-themed from the ground up to fit the land theme, the same goes with Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters.

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    Re: New Tomorrowland Bullet Points


    Tomorrowland Plans:
    • Replace "Captain EO" and the Magic Eye Theater with ~The Space Bears~. Yes, our friends from the old Country Bear Playhouse have been traveling in space for lightyears looking for some new talent to join they're back, with out of this Galaxy song and dance numbers.
    • Strengthen and enhance supports of roof to old Magic eye theater in order to enhance Space Mountain's queue so entire upper section can be utilized.....with the extra queue space the Speed Ramp entrance out in front can be brought back too.
    • Move Innoventions to your nearest home electronics shack
    • Refurbish former Innoventions building and insert a 21st Century Carrousel of Progress/Horizons type attraction.
    • Insert time travel attraction in former Buzz building.
    • Build a Skyway transportation center, with destinations to Fantasyland and Hollywood Pictures Back Lot(DCA).
    • Re-do Starcade with all unique to Disneyland arcade attractions.
    • Enhance food and theme of Pizza Port as if it were a space station orbiting Jupiter.....cozy, semi-private booths to have wonderful views of the giant planet below.
    • Alter Autopia's track with thousands of air jets, allowing the newly designed futuristic vehicles to hover as they make their way around the highway of Tomorrow (use old flying saucer and new hovering tire techonolgy)
    • Eventually, re-do Submarine Voyage with all new subs and an all new, Nemoless story.
    • Change PeopleMover tracks to new "SkyTubes"......add a little extra track for a stop near It's a Small World....add even more track to go across Harbor(see below). Have individual cars so people can choose to go round trip or one way to FL or TLH(see below) without affecting the traffic flow.
    • Buy Howard Johnsons and remodel it into Tomorrowland Hotel.....featuring studio units inside current, but totally refurbished and remodeled buildings, and individual 3 Bedroom Vacation Club Units built within the landscaping....these units should be somewhat familier to many a Disneyphile; Home of the Future in outward appearance.
    • In the former Motor Boat Lagoon, bring in an attraction using Aquatopia(Disney Seas) technology...perhaps ~The Rescuers~ could be showcased here. This would be a Fantasyland attraction, of course, but it would add to the feeling of motion that is so important to Tomorrowland since many TL attractions intertwine over the Motor Boat Lagoon.
    • Relocate the jets to the top of the new "SkyTubes" platform and give them additional range of motion.
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