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    An interesting Disneyland artifact

    So i just picked up this interesting Disneyland badge..

    I've never seen this particular item before. It's got a regular pinback attached (same kind as a nametag) and is marked (C) Walt Disney Productions. So by that I know it dates to before 1986, but when exactly and for what purpose I have no idea. Anyone out there remember it? Perhaps it was from the 1983 New Fantasyland? I have a very similar item in my collection already, here it is..

    Any ideas? And as an afterthought, here's another similar item I got long ago and forgot about, and know nothing about..

    and the back..

    Any information or leads would be most helpful. I wish there was a rosetta stone or Grail Diary for this kind of Disney Archaeology!

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    Re: An interesting Disneyland artifact

    Wow, I've never seen either one.
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