SHort 2 hour trip to the park but its strange it was Crowded about 10am and its usually not crowded until 1pm on weekdays
plus with the wacky weather this morning.. knew this trip would be interesting as usual XD

The weather in the morning was foggy..way foggy..thought the park was open at 9 and found out it was open at 8am

15 min before opening

they let the crowds in without the usual opening spiel which is a first for me.

Star tours!

Got this round: Droid, Wookie Planet,Leia,and the death star.
Not the best random set since ive been there but theres only like 2 planets and 1 messenger missing before a full completion

got droid pics too

rides were mostly Big Thunder mountain, Matterhorn, Buzz Lightyear, and Haunted mansion today and left the park at 10am for lunch.. good thing we did because the parks were filling up with crowds and parking had gone up to the 3rd level when there was still 1/4 of the pinocchio lot open

try to get more pics next week when the park hours are more than just until 6PM