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    Attendance for 10/19 and Adults at Mickey's Halloween Party?

    I get to got to DLR for my BIRTHDAY!!!!!

    Well techincally 5 days after my birthday but none the less were going! Now my question is, should we pay to go to Mickey's Halloween party? We don't have kids or costumes, but its a couple hours more in the park. Is it worth it?

    Also I checked the thread on will it be busy in DL and there is no conventions or anything but since we only have a day, could we fit it all in? I mainly want to go on ghost galaxy and HMH since Ive never been to the park during holiday seasons.
    Any help would be great.

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    Re: Attendance for 10/19 and Adults at Mickey's Halloween Party?

    We are going tomorrow and we are taking out daughter, she is a young adult, so yes adults can go and have a lot of fun.
    The fireworks show is great and only seen at the party.
    Attendance has been up this year so ther might be more people there.
    You do not have to wear a costume, but you can if you follow the rules.
    You can get in 3 hours early with your costume on.
    The party is very nice and worth going to at least once.
    fog on the rivers of america, trick or treat for all ages.
    just make sure you get the tickest in advance.
    Good luck and have a great time.

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    Re: Attendance for 10/19 and Adults at Mickey's Halloween Party?

    If you go during the day you will definitely want Fast Passes for both attractions. I was just at the Halloween Party and Fast Pass was not operating during party hours. Star Tours and Space Mountain were each about a 25 minute wait, while the Mansion had a LONG LONG line snaking throughout the extra queue. The trick was to skedaddle over to the Mansion right after (or during) fireworks as most folks cleared out of the park when the show was over. I managed to get on the Mansion with at most a three minute wait by booking straight there as HallowScreams finished.

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    Re: Attendance for 10/19 and Adults at Mickey's Halloween Party?

    the cost of the halloween Party is worth it even if you want to skip paying for the regular day ticket.

    The halloween ticket allows you to enter the park three hours before the event starts. That gives you plenty of time to get on a couple rides, eat or watch the parade. Once the event starts they do not allow anyone without a wristband to on on the rides or buy food which makes the lines short.

    I went on the first day got there a few minutes before they allowed us in and had the extra three hours to eat, get on Indy and star tours and watch the parade. Once the event started the lines started to diminish since regular guests were not allowed to ride anything. My friend and i were able to ride every major attraction as well as the fantasyland attraction and still made time to do several of the trick or treat stations.

    We had a blast without dealing with day crowds

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    Re: Attendance for 10/19 and Adults at Mickey's Halloween Party?

    If you have the money, The fireworks show alone is worth it. This is the best fireworks show Disneyland has ever done in my opinion. I went this year mostly just for this. Also, if you like people watching, Halloween party is a good time to go. There are many many creative and excellent costumes worn by both kids and adults. The vibe in the park is fun. Plus you can get about 10 pounds of candy.
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    Re: Attendance for 10/19 and Adults at Mickey's Halloween Party?

    Being an adult never stopped anyone from dressing up in costume and having a good time.

    I do it regularly.

    Yknow the whole fireworks show, less crowds, free candy is always good incentives to go to the Disney Halloween event.
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    Re: Attendance for 10/19 and Adults at Mickey's Halloween Party?

    Well since the date in your title is 10/19 and you say you're only going to be there for one day, I have to tell you that there is no Halloween party being held on the 19th.

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