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    Talking Halloween Party and food...

    Earlier this year when I went to Disneyland I was VERY impressed with the food. I don't remember thinking much of it in the past, but next trip (12 days away!!!) I am looking SO forward to it.
    Now the first day we are going for the whole day (At least until 6:00pm, geesh) so I can get a few great meals in there... But Tuesday we are just going to Micky's Halloween Party...

    are there going to be any restaurants open?

    I'm not really sure what all to expect. Is just a section of the park open?

    I have been searching the lovely world wide web for the answers, or even just some pictures (from guests) of the Halloween party and they are hard to come by.
    Disney trips are my reason for workin'!

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    Re: Halloween Party and food...

    Hi tinkerbell5481,
    What food specifically are you referring to? I've never attended the Halloween parties Disney has, is the food different?

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    Re: Halloween Party and food...

    The entire park is open, the restaurants unfortunately..most of them are closed as well as vendor carts. What I do remember being open is the big restaurant in Tomorrowland (can't for the life remember the's not the Pizza Port one), The Hungry Bear is open in Frontierland, the small place in NOS right across from the French Market is open as well as the Carnation or is Plaza Inn (when walking down main street it's at the end on the right) and I believe that is it.

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    Re: Halloween Party and food...

    Toontown will be closed as will Pirates Lair/Tom Sawyer's Island. Pirates of the Caribbean and the Blue Bayou Restaurant are currently closed through November for refurbishment. All other lands and attractions are open (although I did notice Casey Jr's train was not operating at 10pm, nor was Storybookland Canal Boats, and Autopia closed by about 8pm).

    As to food, most outdoor vending locations are closed. Shame, as I was really thirsty and could have used a refreshment. There are a few as I saw folks walking with popcorn, but I could never find them. Sit-down restaurants are open (although Rancho del Zocalo has a raucous wild party going on with a band, so perhaps they're not serving.) Golden Horeshoe appears to have been turned into a trick-or-treat station so they're not serving. I ate at Cafe Orleans, but I think the window service next to Pirates' entrance was still serving, as are a few other locations.

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