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    I played it really cheap this weekend
    $15 on pins
    $3 on ice cream
    $7.50 at the newly reopened Juice bar
    $16 on lunch for two

    We really abused the free tortillas in DCA though.

    But I think it is worth noting that I spent something like $120 last time I went.

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    And just as a converse - I have never had an AP and still don't, and I made many trips in high school where I paid for admission and a bread bowl of gumbo and purchased nothing else in the park all day - just smuggled in peanut butter sandwiches and water bottle. I had a period where I could pay a full adult non-discounted admission and still spend under $50 on a trip (this in the late 90's and early 00's). I guess you'd have to add a bit to that from splitting up the parking costs and gas.

    So, you know, I probably would have spent more than $5 in the park all day if I'd had an AP. On the other hand, they would have gotten a less than $45 from me for getting in that day. I don't think I would have spent enough to make it even.

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    $60 minimum I would say
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    Quote Originally Posted by crinklebat
    On the other hand, they would have gotten a less than $45 from me for getting in that day. I don't think I would have spent enough to make it even.
    See, that's the part I never get... Say someone actually used their AP enough to make their visits cost less than $45 on average. Say it only costs you $20 per visit. That's still $20 more than the $0 Disney would be getting. So, rather than thinking in terms of cost-per-visit, let's keep in mind total park earnings per year, relative to total earnings if the AP program didn't exist.
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    Last Friday with my sister:
    Plaza Inn $13.00 (on chicken meal w/ AP discount)
    Buzz store $7.00 (on ToT pin)

    We only stayed for 2 hours, rode Buzz once and ToT twice. (We were also going to get a pineapple whip but we ran out of time, I had to go home to see my boyfriend)
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    $480 For Prem AP My wife and I. Kids are still under 3.. Wheew!
    $120 Blue Bayou (It was Dinner time)
    $40 Pizza port (lunch)
    $30 Churros, drinks, popcorn, candy, Dole Whip (ohh yaahh)
    $80 toys/souviners

    Daddy is now broke...hahahahaha
    But had fun!!
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