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    Smile RCT3 Paris Disneyland Project.

    I know this isn't the Paris Board, but no one seems to be going there and I just have a new project from old French Atari links to build Disneyland Paris. Anyway, I finished the Entrance Park, The Hotel and Annexes, The Main Street Train Station and all of Main Street USA. Go to the Mice Chat Digital forums and the RCT3 sub thread and I have a link to my Photobucket Album. I know it is isn't perfect but a lot of things I just don't know about and some stuff is even missing from this, the most complete I was able to find. There are at least 200 different pieces here to make this work. But I would like to know what you think. Thanks for looking.
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    Re: RCT3 Paris Disneyland Project.

    cool I was going to make a Disneyland RCT3 but I wasn't motivated enough
    good luck and hopefully it comes out nice

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