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    Anyone going on Halloween?

    So is anyone planning to brave what will surely be chokingly dense crowds (more so than usual) and go to the Park on Halloween this Monday?
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    Re: Anyone going on Halloween?

    Yep, it is our wedding anniversary. It is going to be the first day of a week long trip so if too crowded can go to DCA or DTD without the feeling we are missing out. Looking forward to that night's party more than the day.
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    Re: Anyone going on Halloween?

    Never been to the park on Halloween day itself. Is it typically packed?
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    Re: Anyone going on Halloween?

    The past two years I went to the park on Halloween, and attended the parties. This year I will not be going. It's only a little more crowded than usual, but I've since learned that Halloween night is when most CMs call in "sick" so they can go to their own parties, or take their own kids trick-or-treating. Last year many of the characters called in (a lead confirmed it), so we were quite disappointed.

    But I don't want to go among MAD people!

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