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    Question What does nostalgia in Disneyland mean to you?

    Hello, all!

    Once again, I'm writing a research paper on Disneyland for an anthro class. Not the big one (thesis)... but it's still a lot of work. Anyway, I've been trying to figure out how to narrow down my topic a bit, and I'd appreciate some help.

    The class is about heritage & tourism, and I've decided to look at how nostalgia applies to Disneyland. Some categories came to mind: theme park design (Main Street, Frontierland, etc.), marketing (e.g. 50th anniversary year and the "Let the Memories Begin" campaign), visitors' experiences, and merchandise (e.g. "retro"-style merch). I haven't decided whether I should do an overview of each of these categories (and how they connect), select one, or take a completely different direction.

    My head is spinning, and I'm tired from all the other coursework I have to do!

    So, if you would... please answer this question:

    What does nostalgia in Disneyland mean to you?

    Please and thank you!!!

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    Re: What does nostalgia in Disneyland mean to you?

    why dont you try to write it on the reason people keep coming back? why do you visit disneyland? people go to relive old memories, make new ones, make friends etc. almost everytime someone visits theres something new to see. from holiday decorations to the newly expanded DCA...

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