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    First Piece of Holiday Fun!

    Hey all, DM here again. I'm back from a day at DL, and it was one the best, in terms of waiting. Thanks to the courtesy of Mother Nature, rain (at least sprinkles) has kept the people out, and even the popular attraction such as Space Mountain and Tower of Terror had no more than 20 minute waits! I have to say, there were so many unexpected things on my trip today. I'll just put them in a list just to make it easier.

    1. I ran into one of my high school buddies working at an ICEE stand at the Pier in DCA.

    2. I got to experience It's a Small World Holiday AND Haunted Mansion Holiday as a walk-on line.

    3. I got my own "Kermit Ears" hat, to show my excitement for "The Muppets" in a couple weeks.

    4. Photos with Darth Vader, Stormtroopers, Jedi masters, and Darth Maul as a result of a cancelled Jedi Training Academy show

    5. Experienced a Jungle Cruise in rain (not really top of the list, but it gave the feeling of a more realistic jungle)

    6. Got to see the new Phineas and Ferb Holiday Edition show at DCA

    7. Got to see Matter Junkyard Jamboree in test mode (it looks so awesome!)

    8. The best one of all...I RAN INTO SARAH OF MICETUBE WORKING AT THE MAIN STREET EMPORIUM!!! (she is a really nice person if you ask me )

    So I hope to be back with more to come! Psot any thoughts below!
    Stopping in the middle is

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    Re: First Piece of Holiday Fun!

    Glad to hear you had fun! I have always wanted to visit the resort in the rain!

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    Re: First Piece of Holiday Fun!

    That sounds like the perfect day!!!
    Well Gawrsh!

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