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    Smile Grad Night at DCA has been in the talks since 2003

    Hello all! i would like to share a little tid-bit of info with you guys! i know earlier this year we heard that grad nights are eventually going to move to the other side of the esplanade, but did you know they had been planning the move since 2003?

    I remember in 2003, my 8th grade math teacher got an invite from the DLR to bring 3 students to the parks, and in return we just had to go to a meeting in the morning! It was awesome, we got to miss school and go to disneyland instead! I remember arriving in the morning and we were given snacks and drinks and lead into a conference room somewhere in the hotels and met up with students from other schools in the area. Then a representative came to our tables and started asking us questions. they started with asking us general questions about DCA in which all of us at the table agreed that the park was boring and had like no rides and that DL park was better! They then asked us about how we would feel about going to grad night at the DLR (at the time i didnt even know what grad night was, or that you could have one at disneyland!) and we were all for it! until they asked how we would feel if it was at DCA, and remember we agreed DCA would be a good option ONLY if you also could go into DL. In fact i remember another girl at the table make a good argument on how DL is where the history and magic of the DLR is!

    it was actually a fun environment and i dont think many of us realized we were part of a research group! the disney reps were nice and were eager to hear all the bad rumors floating around about DCA (as locals, most of us had only heard of how boring DCA was and had never really stepped foot into it..) and after a couple of hours, we got our park hopper tickets and were set free! My group enjoyed the day at DL and didnt even think about heading to DCA.

    in contrast now, almost 8 years later, i am excited to see the new DCA in 2012 and even though i still dont completely agree about the grad night move, i think it would be worth it now as opposed the park we had in 2003.

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    Re: Grad Night at DCA has been in the talks since 2003

    Oh, man, I have info, and I'm jsut not allowed to share yet, darn it!!!

    Here's what I CAN tell you. The DL Resort has not intention whatsoever of getting rid of Grad Night like WDW did.

    Now as for the rest, let's put it this way. If Grad Nite were to move to DCA, it would solve the issue of the park closing early during a peak season (when grad night was concieved, it wasn't a busy time at all). But DCA is in no shape to host Grad Night festivities. It probably won't be in a condition to do so until at least 2013 or 2014. However, if it did, then the Resort could host a much less ristricted offering of Grad Nights than just strictly selected days.

    BTW, what you attended was a focus group. It's one of the many ways DLR gleans unbiased information and input from guests.

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    Re: Grad Night at DCA has been in the talks since 2003

    It says on the Disneyland Resort website that Grad Nite will be moving to DCA in 2013.
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    Re: Grad Night at DCA has been in the talks since 2003

    They should just open up both sides of the resort. People can choose to go to Disneyland or California Adventure or BOTH.

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    Re: Grad Night at DCA has been in the talks since 2003

    I'm going to be graduating in 2013. I've known about the switch to DCA for a while now. I was kind of sad when I found out, but I'm used to it. But at my school, there have been rumors going around that the school administration will be moving our Grad Nights to Magic Mountain after the class of 2012 graduates. I'm going to be so sad if that's true. lol
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