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    An Accumulation of Details - What I love about the parks.

    Basically, the big picture is awesome..but what really works for me both in DL and parts of DCA is the layer of detail and little touches. A very brief list of my favorites, as doubtless could talk about this all night (and have before)

    • The "comm chat" track inside Space Mountain (OSP, focus camera on spacecraft umbillical)
    • Fortune Red in New Orleans Square
    • The captive pirate AA/projection hybrid inside Dead Man's Cove on TSI
    • Watching the geyser field area and rafts at Grizzly River
    • Cheshire Cat mirror inside the Fantasyland hat store
    • The 'found junk' kind of wall collages in the Backlot area of DCA, above the benches facing the Animation Building
    • The small dungeon scene inside the turret at Snow White's Scary Adventures
    • The vintage looking photos inside Indiana Jones​ Outpost of "jungle expeditions"
    • The painting of Abraham Lincoln and Paul Frees audio intro to Great Moments
    • Glow in the dark, rubber bats inside the first cave of Big Thunder Mountain
    • The small plaque inside the boiler room of Tower of Terror (It's easy enough to be pleasant...)
    • The Brer Fox shadow scene right before the final drop on Splash Mountain
    • Pop-up ghoul heads in the HM cemetery scene
    • Sideshow art displays, old circus banner art, and vintage tattooed people photos inside the strip of Paradise Pier stores towards the new restaurant plaza
    • The Matterhorn area chimes/wind track that plays as you approach from the central plaza
    • Old canned goods and vintage paper items and window displays on Main Street
    • Hearing David Bowie's 'Space Oddity' around the Taste Pilots food location near Soarin'
    • The Houdini memorabilia inside the Magic Shop window and inside
    • Voodoo lady balcony by the NoS bathrooms
    • The glowing-eyes iguanadons and giant insects in the primeval world diorama
    • The painting of the "redhead" character behind the bar inside the skeleton caves in Pirates
    • The gorilla bouncer and Jessica Rabbit's shadow in the queue for Car Toon Spin
    • Hearing 'Cool Water' or the Davy Crockett theme in Frontierland
    • The Haunted Mansion's Victorian-style portrait photos of ghouls inside the Corridor of Doors
    • Old tools, signs, airplane parts and the like inside the Condor Flats gift shop
    • The table with a glass of 'iced tea' on a New Orleans Square balcony
    • Music/score during the Primeval World segment on board the Disneyland Railroad.
    • Standing along the Indiana Jones exit path at night and listening to the jungle sounds and boats going by, along with faint music and generator noises from the temple....very realistic and atmospheric.
    • Pile of used horseshoes in the very back (near the cabin entrance) at Big Thunder Ranch
    • Old Tomorrowland attraction posters in Pizza Port
    • Jumping fish in the old Nature's Wonderland pond
    • All the props in the main waiting area for MuppetVision
    • Eerie vintage music around and inside Tower of Terror

    What are your favorite detail touches/elements?
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    Re: An Accumulation of Details - What I love about the parks.

    The boot scraper outside the entrance to the Haunted Mansion.

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    Re: An Accumulation of Details - What I love about the parks.

    Great list. You mentioned many of the touches that I love. Here are some of more details and things I like.

    - The attractions posters as you pass into the DLRR tunnels on Main Street
    - The animated viginettes inside the Emporium
    - The animated dolls and displays in the Emporium windows
    - The smell of coffee, candy, and baked goods while walking down Main Street
    - The Partners statue. I love it.
    - The entrance into Tomorrowland (past the rocks). Something about seeing the old TL '67 buildings makes me happy.
    - The smell of the hydraulic fluid emanating through the Star Tours entrance
    - The Moonliner recreation near Pizza Port
    - The Monorail station in TL. I love the old Googie-style roof on the upper level.
    - The details of Sleeping Beauty Castle
    - Walking over the Castle draw bridge underneath the Castle
    - The Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough. I love going in there and looking at the dioramas.
    - The King Arthur Carousel's beautiful horses
    - The Knight outside of the Castle Hearaldry Shoppe
    - The Evil Queen looking out the window above Snow White's Scary Adventures
    - Monstro swallowing Storybookland Canal boats
    - The Small World music playing as you near IASW
    - The old buttes in Frontierland, leftover from the Mine Train Thru Nature's Wonderland
    - The rattlesnakes and turtles on the BTMRR lift
    - The dripping water in the BTMRR queue, accumulating in copper colored pools of water that resemble Dr. Pepper
    - The wildlife maquettes along the Rivers of America
    - The old Mine Train track along the Rivers of America
    - The wafting cool air when entering POTC
    - The sounds of drunken pirates in the POTC grotto
    - The old Frontierland train station
    - The pet cemetary in the Haunted Mansion queue
    - The wall paper and chandelier in the HM entrance foyer
    - The photos of the Hatbox Ghost in the HM hallway
    - The drawing ghosts shooting at each other in the HM ballroom scene
    - The antique decor in the HM attic
    - The phantom ghost sheet blowing back and forth in the HM cemetary tomb
    - The Hitchiking Ghosts joining me in my Doombuggy
    - The early outdoor winding curves in Splash Mountain
    - The upward-shooting colored water in Splash Mountain
    - The candy in Pooh Corner
    - The DLRR passing overhead in Critter Country
    - The music that plays in the Soarin' Over California queue
    - The smells inside Soarin'
    - The backroad that goes behind Grizzly River Run. I love the mine carts and waterfall.
    - The seashells in the concrete in the Little Mermaid queue
    - Ariel and Eric trying to kiss in TLM
    - Sebastien singing in the above mentioned TLM scene
    - The old photos inside Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta
    - The antiques inside the Tower of Terror queue

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    Re: An Accumulation of Details - What I love about the parks.

    Hearing David Bowie's 'Space Oddity' around the Taste Pilots food location near Soarin'
    There's nothing quite as 'whoa' than sitting in a Disney park, munching contentedly on some chicken nuggets, and hearing "Ground Control to Major Tom..." just outta nowhere.
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    Re: An Accumulation of Details - What I love about the parks.

    sitting next to snow whites wishing well, alone, and hearing her voice start singing.
    you think it her singing just to you

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    Re: An Accumulation of Details - What I love about the parks.

    The park has son many intricate details like that... I don't know if I could ever find them all.

    I'm reading a Disneyland Photo History book right now that mentions that Walt, when questioned if the level of detail in his park was necessary, answered something along the lines of that most people don't notice the details when they're there, but they will notice if they're not there.

    All I know is that when I go through the gates and under the berm, I leave Anaheim and go somewhere else. That's what the details do for me.

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    Re: An Accumulation of Details - What I love about the parks.

    Quote Originally Posted by B2D View Post

    All I know is that when I go through the gates and under the berm, I leave Anaheim and go somewhere else. That's what the details do for me.
    Couldn't agree with that statement more

    One my very first trip back in Jr. High I couldn't get over the thatched roofing in Fantasyland. Every time we passed a building with thatching I had to stop look and inspect. Something about the one detail made every thing real to me - even at that age.

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    Re: An Accumulation of Details - What I love about the parks.

    I love the jumping fish in the pond by BTMRR, left over from the old mine train ride.

    Not really a detail, but I love the singing busts in the haunted mansion. That part, and the ballroom, really make the ride for me.

    A lot of the larger "details" like the FJ-40 that they put in the scenery of GRR.

    The landscaping and vegetation throughout the park are amazing.
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