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    Old Disneyland Photos (Some specific Requests)

    So I'm a sucker for finding old photos of things that no longer exist but are not obvious missing links, such as ATIS and such. The kind of photos I'm looking for are old queue photos of Splash, for example, photos of what used to be in the area where the Dsitribution Machines currently sit, old Pirates side queue pre Indy, Splash Mountain's exit where the photo viewing used to be right at the exit, outdoors and Professor Barnaby Owl's Photo Studio used to sit opposite where it is now, running along the wall. Perhaps old station shots of Splash before it had Station Gates and that holds true for all attractions. Maybe old old school Pirates station photos from on or around when it opened. Odds and ends and bizzare things like that are right up my alley, so if you've got any, please share! Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Old Disneyland Photos (Some specific Requests)

    I don't have any pictures of those things, but I'm sure someone out there does! I especially remember standing in the old Pirates queue -- which took you down that long, somewhat "cozy" way along the side of the building -- and hearing the "Swisskapolka" music.

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