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    Looking for entrance whistle ringtone/message alert?

    For your cell phone.

    I was too.

    I found it here ((( removed ))) *Merry Christmas to you all!!

    I'm gonna check with Dusty before posting this link folks -- on the advise of other member(s) this link might not be "legit" to post and pass the Disney rubber stamp of approval.

    IF - it is ok... then I will re-instate the link soon.
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    Re: Looking for entrance whistle ringtone/message alert?

    This link may or may not be deleted by a mod. I'm not sure. I have posted where I have gotten ringtones in the past and I think they have been deleted. But thanks for the info just the same!

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    Re: Looking for entrance whistle ringtone/message alert?

    Would you mind sharing privately where you found the ring tone? I also have been looking for this.

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    Re: Looking for entrance whistle ringtone/message alert?

    Is there anyway I could get that link too? Thanks in advanced!

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