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    Re: Mac Daddy's 2011 Winter/Holiday Photo Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by GeeVee View Post
    Very nice capture. I've never been to Yosemite in the winter, only been the other three seasons.
    Thanks GeeVee. It is COOOLD up there in the Winter (below zero with the windchill last year at the tunnel for the sunrise) but still gorgeous, especially after it snows!

    Quote Originally Posted by aimster View Post
    So pretty! My photography skills pale in comparison!
    I doubt your photography skills pale, but thank you Aimster. Much of what you have seen in this thread is the result of simply being in the right place at the right time.

    Quote Originally Posted by Drewskadoo View Post
    I love all your disney photos they are amazing! :] Im curious how did you get that capture from the tree house? Don't they close it for fantasia? Either way awesome concept and shot! Plus the yosemite picture! Very nice! I read about this in the paper! This picture came out great! Ive seen some others on Deviant Art But your is my fav so far! :] Keep up the good work
    Thanks Drewskadoo! I was able to get the Treehouse shot of the fireworks as Fantasmic has been down for the past couple of months getting a refurb. You are absolutely right that they usually close it for Fantasmic as guests could easily get nailed in the eye with one of those lasers. This might be the last weekend in a while to try a shot from the Treehouse during the fireworks as the show is rumored to begin again during the Feb 29th leap day event.

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    Re: Mac Daddy's 2011 Winter/Holiday Photo Thread

    Twilight Glow On Paradise Pier by Macke Daddy, on Flickr....Pure awesomeness!

    Winter11.81.1 by Macke Daddy, on Flickr....Magical post card eye-candy!

    Winter11.80.3.6 by Macke Daddy, on Flickr....The rocket looks ready to launch. will it be traveling past the moon to John Carter's Mars?

    Winter11.66.2.6 by Macke Daddy, on Flickr.....Amazing treehouse view capture of all the beautiful folliage surrounding the jungle Cruise river far below.

    The Neon Is On by WJMcIntosh, on Flickr....You must have zoomed in on Flo's from quite a distance, yet the resolution is crystal clear, as if you were actually inside Cars Land standing right in front of it.

    The Sun Wheel, Eh? by WJMcIntosh, on Flickr....You always do a marvelous job featuring sparkling reflections in water of colorful scenes.

    The Rivers Of America At Golden Hour (10 Stop ND Filter) by WJMcIntosh, on Flickr....Another crystal clear shot. How do you accomplish such high resolution so consistantly?

    The View From The Treehouse by WJMcIntosh, on Flickr

    Great idea and excution in capturing Rivers of America, a brilliantly lit up Mark twain, and the colorful fireworks and other piros in the background. Just what are those additional pyros; world of color fountains?
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