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Thread: Tiki Room?

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    Tiki Room?

    Did the Tiki Room open?

    How was it?

    Do they still have Dole Whips?

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    ya its open and the juice bar is bigger than it was
    i have no idea

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    anyone get any photos of it yet???
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    Went to the Tiki Room today. It is mostly the same as you've always remembered it, but bright, clean and new. I love it. My girlfriend thinks the Dole Whips are thicker and creamier than before. The flaming torches over the entrance area are a nice touch. Welcome to 1955!
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    the dole booth will make you youre choice of a shirley temple or a vanity smurf when you show up so make sure to wear a feather boa so they know it's you

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