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    Re: Does DCA need Mad T Party? or ElecTRONica? N0!

    Just like HMH, I'd rather these street parties not exist, but I understand why. They attract crowds like crazy.

    That said, I'm going to miss Flynn's Arcade so much. I wonder if they'll incorporate it into Mad T Party somehow.

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    Re: Does DCA need Mad T Party? or ElecTRONica? N0!

    I know these events bring extra $$ to Disney and are fun for some (I personally love club music) people (however, a huge eyesore during the day)
    but I don't see how any of them fit to the time period or theme of the land.
    Someone mentioned a club type of event themed (1920's) to the proper time period.
    It would bring "life" to the area at night, utilize an empty show building and still be within the time period of the land (even though you can technically get music and dancing in DTD)
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    Re: Does DCA need Mad T Party? or ElecTRONica? N0!

    Quote Originally Posted by Joshnyah View Post
    I like electronica and have witnessed many families enjoying the music and especially Laserman. I wonder if they will bring it back when they come out with the next tron movie?
    Who really knows.. I thought for sure we would see Updates to ElecTRONica this summer due to the new television series in June..Hopefully, though it will make a return for the new film.. Judging by the ending, I'm sure we're in for a surprise the next time we encounter the grid

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    Re: Does DCA need Mad T Party? or ElecTRONica? N0!

    A lot of people enjoy these events. Just because it doesn't appeal to you personally, it doesn't mean it's not something others enjoy. ElecTRONica brings a lot of guests to a once dead area (especially at night) in DCA, especially for locals who want to hang out on a Friday nights. I personally don't like electronic music, etc. but it's still a place I would want to go to. I see lots of little kids, parents, teens dancing along the street, having a blast! So I wouldn't go as far as calling these "un-friendly" and "not for families".

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    Re: Does DCA need Mad T Party? or ElecTRONica? N0!

    I'm not a "club" person AT ALL. But I loved both Glow Fest and ElecTRONica. I do feel that ElecTRONica went on at least a year too long, but what can you do.

    Also ... MOD NOTE:

    Let's not turn this into another "Booze is Bad" thread.

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    Re: Does DCA need Mad T Party? or ElecTRONica? N0!

    A. As its been said, these things are incredibly popular...hence why they keep doing them!

    B. Its ok if you dont like everything in a theme park. I personnally avoid IASW and the Tiki Room like the plague, but I would never suggest taking them away from others just because I don't like them.

    C. Also been said, HPB was a ghost town before they started doing these. Seriously how longs are the lines for MI or Muppets at 9 pm?? I think having a party in an area that was dead is a good use of its space!

    D. The HPB theme is exactly the same as it was in 2001, i.e., the here and now! The 20s/30s theme that gets bought up here is probably years away minus the RCT. But its still a contempoary theme and wont change anytime soon.

    E. We should be happy they are providing more entertainment in the park, not less! And DCA is a great spot for nightlife because of these parties. PP has WOC, CL will have the neon, BVS will have night time shows in time and CCT to grab a few drinks and HPB has this! LOTS of options out there!

    F. Its VERY easy to avoid if you dont like it! DCA is a big park. You can do lots in other areas and never have to experience it. Not sure why this gets lost on people.

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