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    Exclamation Disneyland in february

    I am going to Disneyland in February with my school for a turnaround trip. This means we will be at the park from opening until closing time. My question is: What do I need to bring to survive the 16 hours that I will be at Disneyland/DCA? Change of clothes? What shoes would be more comfortable? What's the weather going to be like? Other necessities? Anything will be helpful! Thank you!

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    Re: Disneyland in february

    I guess the question is...are you trying to save money or spend money? If you want to buy stuff at the parks, you really need to bring very little. They sell jackets, sweatshirts, and, most importantly - SHOES. I have two pairs of the Mickey Fit-Flops that they sell in the parks. At $50/pair they are not cheap, but they are the BEST walking shoes IMO.

    If you want to save money, bring snacks, bottled water (I always bring a refillable bottle of water, cuz water in the parks is outrageous!) a jacket or two (depending on the weather) and wear the most comfortable shoes you own.

    As far as the weather goes, there is just no knowing. It could be pouring (in which case I recommend either the Fit-Flops, or some really comfortable waterproof boots and a poncho and/or umbrella) or it could be nice and sunny. Check the forecast about a day before you leave, because up until then (hell, even then) its subject to change.

    Also, when preparing for the trip remember that unless you want to spend $$ on a locker, you are going to have to carry everything around with you all day, so don't overpack - I carry a large purse that doesn't like to fit where it belongs in some of the attractions. But I know that going in, so I have a strategy worked out.

    And don't forget to Have Fun!

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    Re: Disneyland in february

    We take a small backpack. It is frequenlty cold in the morning, then the evening. Nice to have a sweatshirt to wear when it is cold and have the backpack to put it in when it gets warm mid-day.

    You can pick up a plastic poncho for like $1 at home, but they are like $8 in the parks. Nice to have one of those with you in case.

    It is kind of fun for the kids to have glow necklaces or other light-up toys..... that can be bought at home for pennies on the dollar outside the park compared to inside the park. Also good for keeping track of your party when it gets dark.

    You could even bring in snacks, drinks, etc. My wife likes Pepsi, but they only sell Coke in the parks so we bring in a couple 20oz bottles. I like granola bars and such that we bring in. They prefer you store the food in a locker outside the park, but they do not enforce that.

    So, in short: go to the $1 store and pick up a poncho and some glow necklaces. Few days before your trip buy some snack crackers, granola bars, or some other snacks you like. Bring a small backpack, long pants, and sweatshirt.

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    Re: Disneyland in february

    February is very fickle when it comes to weather. Nice and sunny or cold and rainy, sometimes in the same day. I agree with the above, bring a pancho. Bring a jacket. Don't forget your camera! Good shoes are important, even with good shoes, I add insoles, so so so worth an extra $16. I also bring Advil, by closing time, I ache.

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    Re: Disneyland in february

    It really depends on what you want to do! If you're one of those ride-everything-you-can people, you'll definitely need a compact, yet appropriately-sized, bag that will fit in the small compartments of rides. If you don't mind being wet around the park, no need to bring a change of clothes (especially if you plan on buying apparel at the park). The same logic applies with bringing a jacket.

    I always wear Converse or a similar sneaker as they're the most comfortable for walking around for hours and hours. I tend to wear lighter clothes in general so I can maneuver around much more easily. Consider sunglasses, hats, and sunscreen if the forecast says lots of sun--an absolute possibility in southern California.

    You can survive without the following things, but it definitely makes things easier/more enjoyable:
    Extra spending cash for vendor food, etc.
    Smart phone equipped with games for lines and a Disney app to check lines/characters
    Pins/Vinylmation to trade
    Secure wallet/card holder for your ticket/fast passes

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    Re: Disneyland in february

    There's also another thread going on about February. Going to DL/DCA in february is it guna be a bummer?.

    There's also a great thread (sticky post) that gives great info about Disneyland and busy times:
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    Re: Disneyland in february

    Dress in layers. I've gone to DL in Feb and it's been so hot during the day we were in short sleeves, but by night we had jackets and beanies on.
    Make sure you have comfortable shoes.
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    Re: Disneyland in february

    Quote Originally Posted by LadyNimrodelle View Post
    I always bring a refillable bottle of water, cuz <the price of> water in the parks is outrageous!
    You can walk up to most food places and get ice water for free. My favorites are The Plaza Inn (real cups!) and Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta.

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    Re: Disneyland in february

    I like to carry a sling type backpack (I call it my man purse) inside it I like to have:

    -small first aid kit
    -moleskin for blisters
    -gold bond powder (Yup i said it)
    -Zip Locs
    -Water Bottle
    -Hand Sanitizer

    Benefit of the sling bag is i can flop it around to the front on some rides and not even have to take it off.

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