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    What was your Good Deed of the day?

    First off, I don't want to take credit for this conversation. I was listening to a podcast and they got into a discussion of what park guests have done for other park guests. This does not include cast members. So what I'm asking is, what nice deed have you done for a random fellow park guest, or vice versa. Did you give your fastpasses away? Did you pay for someone's meal? Did you witness a good deed? Feel free to share.

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    Re: What was your Good Deed of the day?

    My husband gets every other Friday off so of course it is straight to Disneyland bright and early. Before we leave Disney we always get two fastpasses, one from Star Tours and the other for Thunder Moutain. So on are way out we look for two people together and give them each the two fastpasses.

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    Re: What was your Good Deed of the day?


    My mom picked me up from the airport in the middle of a snow storm last night and started saying how she loved my brand new mickey mouse scarf i was wearing, so i told a little fib and said i got it for her and was just wearing it because i was freezing. She loves it k, i know that is kinda weak, but i am used to being the princess around here!

    Something someone else did:

    I was in the park just me and my daugther, last July on a super busy, super hot day looking for a table at Pizza Port while pushing a stroller and carrying a tray with a whole plate of pasta and drinks. So i missed like 4 or 5 because other people could run over to them before i could get there, and a table full of teenaged boys see me as they are about to leave and not only save me and my daugther the table but one comes over and grabs my tray and helps me over to the table. I could have cried or hugged them or something because i was so frustrated, hot and tired! Now that is Disney MAGIC!

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