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Thread: Do you think...

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    Do you think...

    Do you think the monorail beams/track could be relocated from its current location? Will it work if Disney took out the straight stretch of beam that goes through DCA and relocates this exact stretch to the south of DCA so the costs wouldn't be that much to expand the monorail? Then there could be a Paradise Pier Hotel/ when they build something behind PPH stop and possibly expand to GardenWalk/ parking on Disney Way. Is it possible or would the tracks be destroyed if they were taken out?

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    Re: Do you think...

    It would be expensive, but could be done.

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    Re: Do you think...

    Possible........yeah, sure.

    Probable........not with current management.
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    Re: Do you think...

    That would be really nice if they could / would extend the monorail to PPH and GardenWalk, but I don't think it will happen any time soon (if ever).

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    Re: Do you think...

    It would be great if it could be moved if only to not have the ugly freeway overpass go through the center of the street.
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