I know there's probably A LOT of these, but I figured I'd jump on the bandwagon and go ahead and ask! (:
I've had this sort of... obsession with being a face character for the past year or so. Of course, I've wanted to be one since I was little (who hasn't?) but now that I'm old enough and have done pretty much all my major changing until I get old, I've finally decided to start trying out! I've been in acting and drama classes, private classes, etc. since around the 6th grade, so I'm sure that helps, right? (:
My main character focus is Tinkerbell or any of the fairies since I'm not the tallest (standing at about 5'2") but I'm definitely up for ANY characters!
So, I'd like you, the experts, (or close enough to them) to give me opinions! Do you think I could make it? Do I have that "Disney Look" they're always searching for?
Here are a few pictures for references!
Me with Tink:
(Not a great picture of me, I know. My mom took the picture at a bad time. Haha.)
With Vidia (and others):
With Tink and Vidia (and another again):
"Charasmatic" Close-up (hahaha):

Alright! Hit me! I'm ready for opinions. >w<
(Even if they're criticisms, hahaha.)