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I've done exactly this and it made for great pics.
It's also unsafe.

We have a strong Safety culture at Disneyland, and every CM has been sent to Stage 17 in the past year for a "Safety Conversation" with George Kalogridis and park executives to discuss having the guts to step forward and keep our Guests safe in all situations. The Lego Store doors were brought up repeatedly by Custodial and Main Entrance CM's working in that part of DTD as a situation where Guests routinely engage in unsafe behavior and put the CM's in a bad situation to step in and parent the parents who are allowing their children to do this.

George K. took note of this unsafe situation (you can bring up any unsafe situation in a Safety Conversation and George K.'s helpers note all of it and then follow up and get back to you with a resolution), and the removal of the Lego doors from the building was included in the upcoming store remodel. CM's in DTD are relieved to see them go, and George K. is probably relieved to stop hearing about them in Cast Member Safety Conversations.