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    Disneyland 12/20

    I'm going to Disneyland on December 20th and I am planning on staying late at the park. As I have never really done this before, I was wondering if anyone knew what time the crowds started to lighted to a point that I would notice it. I was thinkg this would probably be after the fireworks, but am not really sure. Also, how light do the crowds actually get at night(Like how long would I wait for Space at 10:30)? Any information would be appreciated! Thanks!
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    Re: Disneyland 12/20

    I've waited 60-75 minutes for Space at 10:30 before.

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    Re: Disneyland 12/20

    Space Mountain's line never really get's that much shorter in my experience, unless it's really early in the morning.

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    Re: Disneyland 12/20

    Space Mt. is really the most popular attraction in the park,
    since it was out of commission for over two years, so the
    line does stay fairly long up until close. I would save that
    until last.

    The crowds do thin out a little after the fireworks, but it does
    take a few minutes for the crowds to exit Main Street, and there
    are a few people that may hit one more quick ride before leaving.

    The smartest people will stay until the clock hits closing time. As
    long as you're in line for an attraction before closing time. The last
    hour crowds thin out CONSIDERABLY, last half hour is GREAT! If
    I make the Matterhorn my last ride, I can often ride it three times
    because the line gets real short, and the line moves quick, and the
    exit is near the entrance line for the ride!

    It seems that you can get in as many attractions during the last hour,
    as you can during a busy afternoon! So stay with attractions until closing time. (If your a shopper, do that during the afternoon when rides lines are obnoxiously long, and the stores are empty. )

    If your on the west side of the park, Haunted Mansion and Pirates line are really short, as does Splash. If you then come back through Adventureland, if there is a line for Indy, hit the Jungle Cruise first, then hit Indy afterwards. Or of course you could hit Big Thunder, line dies down too, considerably.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aladdin
    (If your a shopper, do that during the afternoon when rides lines are obnoxiously long, and the stores are empty.
    That's a GREAT tip! In fact I did that just the other day, it was so nice in the stores but, yea, the park itself was packed. Yet try going to any Main Street store near/after park closing... INSANE!

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    Re: Disneyland 12/20

    Yeah, and they'll hold your purchases for you while you play! Or like for us (and anyone else that stay there), ship them to the DL Hotel for you so you don't have to carry them back to the room yourself!

    Another plus, is that there is a better selection earlier in the day.

    When I wanted one of those leather 50th anniversary jackets, I couldn't find my size one evening. We asked a CM to check for the size in the backroom, but she told us that they were sold-out. The very next morning, we checked again, and there it was, right on the rack (along with about 6 others).

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