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    Great article on Buena Vista Street

    Dateline Disneyland posted this wonderful article earlier on their Twitter and I though I would share it for all to read here. The article goes quite in depth about how the Imagineers are creating this idealized version of an optimistic, 1920's-30's Los Angeles. The Imagineers have been doing extensive research into successfully creating this environment including field studies and archival studies. It's wonderful to read about all the thought, time, effort, and research being put into this land and how well it will permeate with guest. Buena Vista Street should truly be a treat; a gem of an entrance that as the article says, "speaks to the enduring attraction of Southern California history." As a CA History buff, I really enjoy reading articles like this as well as hearing them speak about the attention to detail, like they did at the D23 BVS presentation. Makes me all the more excited to step back into time to the golden era of Los Angeles history this summer.

    How Disney Imagineers Recreated '20s and '30s L.A. in 21st-Century Anaheim | LA as Subject | SoCal Focus | KCET
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    Re: Great article on Buena Vista Street

    Wow, really an incredible article. It's so gratifying seeing this all come together, and most of all, seeing people notice the effort and respond so positively. I think Buena Vista Street is really going to resonate with visitors to the park in a way that feels timeless, but new. This article does an impeccable job of expressing that. Thanks!
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