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    Talking Minnie's Fly Girls, Less The Guy...

    I was finally able to catch the 3:30 performance yesterday of the new show, Minnie's Fly Girls...and I instantly became a fan! It's so refreshing to have a show at DCA that's not filled with hip-hop music! The talents of the girls were impressive and they each had their own special charm and charisma. And their voices were "right on" and the harmony tight! Love the song choices, their costumes and their stage presence. And then there's her!! For me, it was a big hit!

    However, my only criticism about the show is the male performer. Although he did a fine job, I found his character distracting and at times, out of place. I believe the show would be much better with just the girls and Minnie.

    What do you other MiceChatters think???

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    Re: Minnie's Fly Girls, Less The Guy...

    I liked his voice, and I think they needed him more for vocal blending than as a character.

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    Re: Minnie's Fly Girls, Less The Guy...

    I don't know how the crowd was for your show, but the Rosie part was sort of painful to watch with no crowd participation whatsoever. I appreciate it as a part of history, but not part of this show. I LOVE the fact that Minnie's Fly Girls isn't trying to be something it's not, and has nothing to do with The Disney Channel! lol

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