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    Talking When and where to take photos

    The last couple trips to Disneyland I drove everyone nuts with picture taking. Not all of them were exactly keepers, and while I liked most of them, there were so many it was kind of overwhelming going through them later. Also, in my quest to capture all of our memories, I feel that I missed out a bit on just being in the moment.

    On our next trip I want to be more discerning. While I may take a few pictures throughout the trip, I think I want to plan for the bulk of our family pictures on the final day. Where are some of your favorite locations for family pictures? Where are some good spots not many people notice as a good photo setting?
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    Re: When and where to take photos

    Why don't you limit yourself to the "Kodak Picture Spots" assuming these Kodak signs are still there.

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    Re: When and where to take photos

    Mickey's house in Toontown. Have the family photo taken with Mickey in his studio.

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    Re: When and where to take photos

    Family photo on the Mark Twain is always nice or maybe the stage boxes in the Golden Horseshoe.
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    Re: When and where to take photos

    1.First when you enter the park in front of the Mickey Mouse
    2. Picture face towards the castle on Main Street
    3. The Castle Night or Day
    4. Thunder Mountain Kodak Spot
    5. In front of Mark Twains Boat Night or day
    6. In front of Splash Mountain on the bridge
    7. Facing the haunted mansion when on the Rivers of America near Fantasmic kind of a neat spot right before sundown
    8. In New Orleans towards the back, next to the bathrooms there is a secluded place with a grand stair case very isolated at times :]
    9. In front of the carousel or by the sword in the stone.
    10. On Main Street facing the entrance :}
    Hope this helps HAPPY SHOOTING!
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    Re: When and where to take photos

    To the above I would add Snow White's Grotto, and you can actually get a great castle picture from that area.

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