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    Re: I don't know how to feel about the one more disney day I had..

    Quote Originally Posted by flynnibus View Post
    And they've never been put in a situation where an unexpected high volume of guests show up for a day?
    I've seen this happen twice this year on regular days. On one such occasion, a popular attraction that was being run at partial capacity got so badly backed up during the first hour of operation that CMs were on the PA apologizing to guests for the line moving so slowly--I guess they didn't have the personnel to run at full capacity, although help eventually arrived. The trams were backed up pretty severely, too, because they were hardly running any.

    Now, these instances could have been flukes because crowds aren't always predictable, but there is no excuse for underestimating crowds by half during a special event. Even I knew that the park would be at maximum capacity, and I was hardly the only one to expect this. It even said on Disneyland's website that entry may be subject to capacity limits (I don't recall the exact words), but unfortunately whoever put that in there wasn't in charge of staffing (or supplies, for that matter).

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    Re: I don't know how to feel about the one more disney day I had..

    Quote Originally Posted by HM 339 View Post
    Ok, so you're THAT GUY who cuts into the front of the looooonnng line on the freeway for an offramp - there's no rule / law against it, so it must be cool.

    It's just common courtesy..
    Agree with HM's view that this involves courtesy and also respect for fellow Disney fans. Soulquarian cut in line twice and is BRAGGING about it. Whatsupwithat?

    Original quote:
    Originally Posted by Soulquarian "My girlfriend and I got to the property around 9:30pm. While there was a relatively lengthy line already in place near the shuttles, the CM's reinforced that this was not an official line, so I lingered near the front. Long story short, even though the line was pushed back from the Esplanade to Harbor Blvd. I was in the first 200 or so people for earhats, we were given the read wristbands.

    Around 9:30pm, we decided to try and get into the "Midnight Snack". The same exact rules for the ear hats applied here, which is any "pre-line" is not honored by Disney. So we lingered near the front and made it in. I know a lot of people were angry that many people seemed to be doing this, and I understand that frustration, but every official blog post, stated that prior to 10pm, there was no line."

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    Re: I don't know how to feel about the one more disney day I had..

    Sounds like the 24 hour events are more trouble then they are worth. I dunno what it is about em that bring out that side of people though. Maybe all the bad habits people can surpress for a few hours come out over the course of a day.

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