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    Re: Why were people buying tickets at 2:30 in the morning?

    Well, if the parking was as bad as everyone said, someone who was buying a ticket at 2 AM might have actually gotten to the park at midnight and spend two hours parking. If they'd come all that way and had already paid the parking fee, they might have been determined to get *something* out of the night.

    if there was a dangerous vibe at Disney...that is definitely uncool.

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    Re: Why were people buying tickets at 2:30 in the morning?

    getting refunds sounds even more realistic.. or people who don't realize e-tickets go right to the gate
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    Re: Why were people buying tickets at 2:30 in the morning?

    Again, I have to say, I did not witness much crazyness, but I'll admit we had a couple beers at Story Tellers Cafe with dinner before venturing back around 9:30ish (perhaphs made us less annoyed by the crazyness, maybe we blended in but were by no means drunk). I also didn't hang out at the Tomorrow Land stage long so don;t know what when down there. Only A-Holes were in the locker room area during the near European soccor crushing crowds due to Modern Family filming at 10m (sorry to keep bringing it up).

    What I saw was just amped people that were slightly buzzed, like you would see at any club at 11pm, but no puking or fights. There were some idiots. To me it was more of a rock concert vibe without security, so all and all it was not to bad considering what could have happened. Glad it was not 1960s, when hippies occupied Tom Sawyer Island and there were threats to burn down Bank of America (which was in the park then). It was by no means a Doors Concert (see movie) more of a Simon and Garfunkel concert, with a few stoners and drunks, no riots. (no I'm not 60 but like 60s music!).

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