I am sure that quite a few of us were at Disneyland for the 'One More Day' party on Leap Day recently. I am one of those lucky people with a set of the coveted 2,000 ears. But while we all celebrated, tried tp stay awake and eventually saw the crowds grow and food disappear, a much loved Disney Alumni was having his own party.Seems Dick VanDyke and his former make up artist decided to get married that same day. See the link below:http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/entertai...makeup-artist/BEST WISHES are certainly in order for them both! But it got me thinking...One More Day, one more Candlelight narration PLEASE? What better way to round out a full year Dick?All those in favor, post your opinion and let's get something started to get Dick's attention and MAYBE we will get lucky and have him do this a third and final time. It was forty years netween one narration to the next (1965 to 2005), and another 40 years will just not do!Photo courtesy of Disney.go.com