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Thread: Hollywood Land?

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    Hollywood Land?

    Hey everybody!

    I guess I need some clarification regarding the future plans of Hollywood Land. The current Hollywood Pictures Backlot is getting some refurbs/facelifts/touch ups as part of the "Project Sparkle". Now I was under the impression that the area will eventually get a complete makeover to compliment the Buena Vista Street era. Is this happening in the future or is that whats currently happening with the refurbs? Thank you so much for any information!

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    Re: Hollywood Land?

    I believe that a complete retheme won't be happening anytime soon. They are doing what they can but the bulk of making it more authentic might be shelved for a future "phase 2". The same with rethemeing the elements in Paradise Pier that don't fit the new era. This is what I remember from Al's articles on the subject.
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    Re: Hollywood Land?

    Nothing other than the Trollies had been confirmed in an announcement. The work on the shops on Paradise Pier and the façades in HL were a welcome suprise!

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