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    disneyland line apps

    i just wanted to know what is the best & most accurate line app out there . thanks folks

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    Re: disneyland line apps

    I like MouseWait the best. Disney has their own Mobile Magic app that was pretty helpful in determining fast pass times last time I was there.

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    Re: disneyland line apps

    Are you talking accurate in terms of what Disney states or accurate in terms of closest to ACTUAL wait times?

    As far as closest to posted wait times, that's hands down got to be Disney's official app for Android and iOS. It's just called "Disney Parks" now, but it was formally called Mobile Magic (and still is inside the app). It actually uses Disney's systems to present wait times, FP times, etc.

    As far as closest to actual wait times, I found Ride Hopper to be the most accurate for at least popular rides. The problems with those ones are that the times can quickly fluctuate and they are dependent on people entering the times in, which can lead to invalid and stale data.

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    Re: disneyland line apps

    I would just like to let you know that all these apps out there are all user submitted.

    That said, you need to trust that other people out there, and hope nobody is getting a group of like 5 and spamming higher (or lower if they want to troll) times to make your trip less fun.

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    Re: disneyland line apps

    Well mousewait was helpful until somehow my phone says it no longer works on there system, I emailed them to get it fixed, never got a email back. Terrible service from them, I used to love it but since they dont care about their users, i can no longer get my problem fixed. Bad show Mousewait
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