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    Save the link - Gumball Rally 2011 Photos

    For the sake of making it easier to share photos with friends, coworkers, and people in general, I've set most of the Gumball Rally photos I shot to private, removing them from visibility in the overall photostream. To ensure they remain accessible to future MiceChatters I've set up a special photo set and link to view them. If anyone would like to take to the time to mirror the entire set to another place online feel free to do so, but I need to reduce clutter!

    MiceChat Gumball Rally - a set on Flickr

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    Re: Save the link - Gumball Rally 2011 Photos

    Very cool!!

    If you missed last year or you're new to Gumball, take a look at all the pictures! This will give you an idea of what kind of fun and insanity you are in for if you do the Rally!

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