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    Red Face Job Interview

    So this upcoming friday I got my first job interview(applied for attractions.) Is there anything I should know going into it?? I'm kind of nervous as this is my first official job interview. Cant wait to hear from you, and thanks for your advice in advance

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    Re: Job Interview

    Smile, make eye contact, basic interview stuff. Don't go off about how big of a Disney nerd you are. The interviewers rarely care about how obsessed with Disney you are.
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    Re: Job Interview

    I don't really have much to say except maintain a positive attitude throughout the interview. Be prepared to answer why you really want to work at Disneyland and advertise yourself the best way you can to them.

    I know it may not be much, but that's the best I can say. Good luck!

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    Re: Job Interview

    if you got to the actual face to face interview, its pretty basic..."Why do you want to work for Disneyland....They might give you a guest interaction - What would you do - scenario - not to big of a deal and if you are clean cut, polite and presentable, you will probably get hired on the spot.
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    Re: Job Interview

    Make eye contact and make sure you have the "Disney look", the dress code guidelines they have. I wish you luck too. I applied for the same job and i am now going for my on-boarding interview next thursday.

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    Re: Job Interview

    Always try to sell yourself in interviews, tell them why they NEED you on their team. However, I also agree that the interviewer probably won't care much that you are a Disney nerd. But you might want to mention that you do have certain knowledge of the park and company which would help you with guest interaction.

    Good Luck!!

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