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    Concept art that never was

    Watching the original blue sky cellar video for the DCA remodel I noticed some interesting artwork that we haven't seen anything about since.




    Any one know if this concept is scrapped? I would love to see this happen. The current Hyperion facade makes me dizzy. I won't even look over there anymore.

    Here's another image from that video. notice the lights on California Screamin, and the tower near Mickey's Fun Wheel. These would be great additions to the pier!

    here is the Blue Sky Cellar video from 2009

    Anyone else have any concept art that never made it?
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    Re: Concept art that never was

    I think that part of the remodel for DCA is based on how sucessful the current phase gives to the park. From what i've gathered it has not been scrapped.

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    Re: Concept art that never was

    I figure the Hyperion thing would be when they do the actual Hollywoodland remodel sometime in the future.

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