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    Themed Disney Characters at DCA!

    I really really love the themed characters most notably at DCA! I am not just talking about characters that dress up in the holiday outfits such as Halloween Mickey or Bayou Bash Mickey and Minnie or Chip and Dale. I am talking about the ones that appear daily, I really love their presence in the park because they really help the environment they are surrounding.

    Some of them that I have seen is Sailor Mickey at Paradise Pier

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    (c) Bevelle of flickr

    The Latest Minnie's Charter Airlines Outfit

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    (c) heytherejere of flickr

    & of course Aviator Goofy at Goofy's Sky School!

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    (c) Loren of flickr

    I was wondering, does WDW have themed characters too? What are your favorite themed characters? All I know is TDS has the best themed characters, I really love their outfits for the show "Be Magical", and I totally love love the plethora of sailor costumes Mickey has at TDS.

    From Disneysea...
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    Re: Themed Disney Characters at DCA!

    I think the do. I remember when I worked in costuming learning about that. And we'd prepare the cstumes for special events for travel.

    Learned all the secrets working at Disneyland in entertainment costuming finally an AP w/a3year old Disney princess of my own

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    Re: Themed Disney Characters at DCA!

    Oh yeah, all over WDW. I actually like and dislike it. When we were at WDW, I found it frustrating to try to find a "regular" character. I don't always want Safari Mickey or whatever. I like a mixture of both.

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