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    Booking through

    I'm trying to price out a trip for my husband and I for either later this year or the early part of next year. At first, said our vacation package was $1400 for tickets and hotel (PP, resort view)... now it's saying that it's $1100 (that's for 4 nights). I haven't contacted local travel agents yet.

    Last year when I booked our honeymoon, I booked through my local AAA agent because she quoted me $300 less than what said. I don't have the AAA membership anymore, so I can't go through them, but I'm wondering if it would be cheaper to go through a travel agent instead of directly.

    Are there any perks to going through directly? I do have the Disney Bank One Visa, so I get 0% on vacations, but other than that, I'm not sure what the benefit is booking through Disney.

    Can anyone else explain why I should book through Disney other than someone else?

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    As I understand it booking through Disney offers you exclusive discounts and access to speciality tickets unavailable anywhere else. I have not done it, so take it at face value. Just 2 cents is all.

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    I am booking a vacation there myself in august and the onlt thing I will be booking through Disneyland directly are the parkhopper tickets because they are $20.00 cheaper if you buy them online. Unless you are dead set on staying at a Disneyland Hotel, I would book the rest of your trip on it is a LOT cheaper. I have never stayed in one of the resort hotels, so I can;t really tell you if it is worth it or not, but I know from experience that I hardly spend any time at my hotel, so I don't care where I stay since I want to be in the park as much as possible. Also, are you flying? It does seem like Disneyland offers pretty reasonable deal on packages that include airfare, although you can also find good deals on for those kinds of packages too.

    Just depends on what kind of vacation you are looking for, I guess. I am a total cheapskate and like to travel as cheaply as possible so I can have more cash on hand to spend while I am there.
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    When we booked, we looked at, and then logged on to AAA--you can use their link the travel section to get to the site, and from there, some pretty good discounts go into effect. Note that you need to have any popup blocker off (that caught me the first couple of times).

    I think we easily saved several hundred dollars with AAA.

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