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    Best Affordable Dining in Disneyland and DCA?

    Hi, I'm taking my niece and nephew for the first time May 5 & 6th. It'll be a party of 6. What are the best dining option in both Disneyland and DCA in terms of price, value and ambiance? I haven't tried the new food options in both parks. Please share your recommendations besides Blue Bayou and Ariel's Grotto. They might be a little more than I want to spend. Thanx

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    Re: Best Affordable Dining in Disneyland and DCA?

    I vote for Cafe Orleans, I enjoy the menu and the seating area. Kid and adult friendly, and not too bad on the wallet either. Have fun!

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    Re: Best Affordable Dining in Disneyland and DCA?

    One place located in Downtown Disney that my dad and I have found ourselves eating at is Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen Express, they have great New Orleans inspired food for a low price. Also, it is easy to get to as the Monorail station is located nearby, so you can take the Monorail to and from the park for quick entry. Located inside the park, over at Disney California Adventure Park I have found myself loving Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta located over in Paradise Pier. Unfortunately Disney does not post the menu for this restaurant online so here is what I can quote from the website. It says that meals range from about "Less Than $14.99 Per Person."
    Here is the menu (Pizza):
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    If Mediterranean cuisine is more your tatse, I have also heard of great things about the Paradise Garden Grill dining location. It has about the same price range as that of Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta and features skewers, kaabobs, and salads.

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    Over at Disneyland Park, I have heard good things about the Hungry Bear restaurant, but have yet to eat there. I hope to find pictures of the menus for each of these restaurants.
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    Quote Originally Posted by QueenBee View Post
    I vote for Cafe Orleans, I enjoy the menu and the seating area. Kid and adult friendly, and not too bad on the wallet either. Have fun!
    I do love Cafe' Orleans as well, however it is a little more pricey, just not as pricey as that of Blue Bayou. Here is the menu for that: (All day):
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    Re: Best Affordable Dining in Disneyland and DCA?

    You can look up the menus for the entire resort including Downtown Disney restuarants here: Disneyland Resort Menus. They work hard to maintain them current. We use it all the time.

    Now my family would say for surprising indoor atmosphere and one of the best deals in the park, try going to the Plaza Inn and have the chicken dinner. Basically you get half a chicken, fried with mashed potatoes, green beans and a biscuit. It runs just under 14 dollars and it is big enough to share among lighter eaters. We actually get two dinners and split it between the three of us comfortably ( Two adults and one child). Keep in mind this is Cafeteria style so you pick your food, pay for it and then find a seat. The indoor seating is a throwback to turn of the century with elegant lighting and mirror work. You can forget you are in an Amusement park when you sit in this area. There is also a ton of seating outside, should your party wish it.

    One more note-I believe it is the only place outside of the sit down restaurants in Disneyland, that will allow you unlimited soda refills. That takes a bit of the sting out of the pricing of the soda. Also, when you leave you can ask for a to go cup for your soda, fill it and go. For kids meals, our daughter also likes getting the Chicken Alfredo pasta there (kids meal) which comes with carrots, apple slices and half a bread stick.
    (this is not on the menu but you can get it by asking at the pasta counter and it is the same pricing as the other kids pasta meals). HTH!
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