I believe that Disney really has the night time crowd control between Fantasmic! shows and the fireworks, as far as the hub and Frontierland/Adventureland area is concearned. I personally understand why they have people enter through Frontierland and exit through Adv. I constantly find myself explaining to the people around me what they are doing, because they start to shout out: "Man these CM's are stupid!", "Don't they know anything." and other upleasent things. What can disney do to inform guest of the common traffic patterns? Even though some cast members do a great job shouting out what is going on, not everybody understands what is happening. Especially when they hold everyone at the mark twain/colombia dock, while they clear out the first F! audience. Can they put up poles in the planters with small diagrams of a map overview with arrows showing the traffic patterns? Or maybe small inserts in the park maps? Even though this may cost a little more, it would be a lot less stressful for CM's, management, and guest. They have a great system in place, in my opinion. But if they were able to take it to the next level and find a way to tell guest in writing what is going on, they may be a lot less likely to yell at CM's. Any other ideas?